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Here you can browse through the various family interests, explore our house-building adventure and keep up with family events.

The last 2 years have seen our 2 daughters graduate from the Kaiserdom Gymnasium in Speyer, Germany. Emma graduated in 2005 and is now at Imperial College, London studying Physics. Loren has just graduated and is debating which University to choose to study Pharmacy. Follow the links on the left to look at some photographs of the events in PowerPoint style.

The family tree has been extended to include recent research on the Tandy's, Frith's and Bailey's.
That elusive link to W.P.Frith the 19th century artist has proved to be a false trail. I have traced the Bailey's and Frith's to mid-19th Century Leicester where they worked as Framework Knitters.
The Tandy research has uncovered others working on the same family and I am particularly grateful to Dave Hands for sharing his research on the Horn Comb-making Tandy's of Kenilworth.

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